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Ji’nan to build 5 large integrated passenger transport hub   specific location on the Shandong channel with duandian people.com.cn station original passenger lines relocated to west station operations, has finally closed station nearly 20 year history of the period of the passenger car shop. This is also the city of Ji’nan passenger hub layout adjustment of a major action. According to the Ji’nan municipal planning, the future of the long-distance passenger will be formed in the four corners of the world five integrated passenger transport hub pattern. Currently there are 9 passenger stations in the city, but most are not in the future blueprint. Is located in Ji’nan City, ten West Road on the main road section of the shop car passenger station, began operations in July 1, 1997. The station is located in traffic by ten on the west, in some shops overpass on the west side, east of Beijing Fuzhou, Beijing Shanghai Expressway west of Ji’nan import and export two kilometers, East Ring Road to a station. Because of the convenient traffic, the station once popular, the original old Huaiyin District Jinan travel is to go to the station by car. The station shut down at the same time, taking into account the majority of visitors travel habits, in the original shop section of passenger station ferry ride, provide free shuttle vehicles, more than 40 ferry flights every day. Previously, the provincial capital in the operation of the station a total of 10 stores, some stations shut down, the station left in 9, respectively is the Ji’nan long-distance bus station, bus station, bus terminal, north south bus station, Plaza bus station, terminal station (Dikou Road), Luokou bus station, bus station and Qinglong tourism mountain passenger station. According to the relevant person in charge of the Ji’nan Municipal Transportation Bureau, the future will build Ji’nan East, West, South, north, the 5 passenger hub. The five integrated passenger transport hub is mainly: the West: West Railway Station Comprehensive Passenger Transport Hub: East North East Railway Station Comprehensive Passenger Transport Hub: intermediate airport comprehensive passenger transport hub: South Train Station Comprehensive Passenger Transport Hub: Sixteen River comprehensive passenger transport hub in which two major new integrated passenger transport pivot is West Railway Station comprehensive passenger transport hub and the East Railway Station comprehensive passenger transport the hub, the two will load the main urban traffic. Currently, the station has been put into operation, the East has entered the planning stage. (commissioning editor Zhang Liandong and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: