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Jianfeng Bao "clown" studio style play Sohu president – asleep mutation entertainment Jianfeng Bao’s massage Sohu entertainment news by the Austrian group Ying CO produced the comedy movie "clown" released a set of stills, the gathering of the domestic first-line comedy film, not only "star girl" Huang Shengyi, "spring" Prince Hu Xia led starring, and Zhu Shimao, Jianfeng Bao, Yang Di, to join the effort. "Clown" tells the story of a detective agency clown brother cover with Awang, the boss was sent to investigate the jewelry store robbery incident, during the investigation, they help Wang Guangyu through the layers to uncover jewelry group rivals Qin Xiao conspiracy, but also gain their love, is a little inspirational comedy story. The studio is tricky "clown" sleep director is not the old man of God will play Jianfeng Bao as Qin Xiao is president of jewelry group, go up high cold line Jianfeng Bao can fully play addiction, when asked, for such people are accustomed to Jianfeng Bao said, can play a villain with some color the role is interesting, and shy said, so president Yan value, we should not hate me. Jianfeng Bao had talked about, whether because of filming too tired, he had accidentally fell asleep in the shooting, then making an own massage scenes, just rest with eyes closed for a moment, only to sleep in the past. So the director had a brainwave, no hurry to wake him, later spoof by shouting "fire!" Jianfeng Bao looked up, suddenly woke up, the staff taking pictures of the moment, the director said to him this surprised and confused reaction to positive shear to Jianfeng Bao dumbfounding, director said with a smile too will play, he walked the long road is the director of the routine, also make the scene staff all laugh. It seems that the crew drama is "". The strength in high handed president said restructuring may be very easy because as overbearing president’s sake, Jianfeng Bao in the studio is very serious. At the beginning of the crew of some snacks surprise, and we usually know the insurance can not be the same. But for a long time, the lively funny "big boy" is back. In fact, Paul just want to make themselves more quickly into the role, so always keep the president’s majesty, it seems that when the president is not overbearing when ah. Always full of humor before Jianfeng Bao also played a lot of comedy, but to play in the "iceberg face" image interpretation it is difficult, he said he was often in private and serious humor in switch, play it naturally is be nothing difficult. The transition from the screen sun handsome as president he said, subtly malicious, not necessarily is not when the president’s ability and cleverness,, Qin’s subtly malicious in his opinion is another kind of "Adorable", high cold president do not know the resourceful in the play is the Mall proudly, "living treasure" in the mystery of.   相关的主题文章: