Japanese anti phase and the governor of Okinawa military airport to move to bridge differences talks pork face

Japanese anti phase and the governor of Okinawa military airport to bridge differences talks move the original title: Japanese anti phase and the governor of Okinawa military airport relocation talks to bridge differences in new network on 25 September, according to Japanese media reports, 24, Japan’s defense minister Inada Tomomi held talks in Okinawa county government and county governor Weng long bannex, around the ancient region of the U.S. the relocation of the Futenma air station to Nago City, consultation between the two sides to each other. Reported that the paddy field to eliminate the Futenma dangerous grounds show continue to promote the attitude, emphasize to commence litigation in Japan’s central government and the county at the same time and Weng long consultation. Weng Long Tan and Okinawa heavy base burden, said it would resolutely prevent the relocation. The last meeting between rice fields and Weng was on the 9 day of this month. 24 days of talks in Fukuoka High Court of the Naha branch of the central government on the wild side of the ancient litigation judgment in favor of the full 16 days since the Andouble administration cabinet met for the first time, long, more obvious differences between the two sides. On the side of the ancient litigation, taking into account the paddy field of Okinawa County after losing to the Japanese Supreme Court a thing called "will study the county Party’s claim, the central government put forward the proposition. At the same time to promote the trial process, the exchange of views is very important". Weng long petition, which are against the Henoko relocation etc.. He is the high court of the Naha branch of the judgment critics said: "this is the contempt of the local self-government system, unreasonable ruling trampling mood in Okinawa county." Weng long asked the paddy field: "I hope to understand the status quo in Okinawa, seriously committed to reducing the burden of excess base." He also talked about a U.S. AV-8 harrier fighter crashed in the Okinawa island waters of the accident, stressed that "for the continued support of postwar Japan’s security more than half of the county in a variety of sense are not right". Paddy field crash on the U.S. military aircraft pointed out that if the accident occurred in the residential area is a major tragedy, very sorry." She said she had asked the U.S. military to identify the cause and prevent similar incidents from happening again. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: