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In the end, Tianming dawn – Sohu tourism seven streams of water Jietong sea, ten mile Castle Peak and a half into the city. My city is beautiful Jiangnan Yumizhixiang – Changshu. Although Changshu is a county-level city in Suzhou, many people may not have heard of. But it has its own Jiangnan flavor. Ancient Jiang Taigong fishing Shang Hu, a qingsao in the known to every family Shajiabang, Castle Peak into the ancient city of Yu shan. There was Zhao Jiangnan garden, garden, square pagoda garden, Yanyuan etc.. If you had enough of the big city fast-paced life, we must choose a weekend to find my city peace of mind. How many times passing, how many times looking back, do not have to see your face, if you give me a chance, I will wait before dawn. Early autumn morning, the cool autumn wind, I walk in the city center, how long did not walk alone, I asked myself. The rule of law in Changshu Sculpture Park on Legal theme, fully embodies the characteristics of Changshu history and culture of the rule of law, to the art of sculpture interpretation of the rule of law, the rule of sculpture and public environment. The early morning people will run in the full cultural park to practice Tai Chi, even along Liu Shahe walk, especially comfortable. The sun finally did not break the scales of clouds, the distant horizon, a reddish glow in Liushahe, inexplicable a touch of sadness, how long did not wait for an early dawn, a sunrise, I asked myself. Sculpture square opposite is Tianming International Hotel, located in the center of Changshu Finance Street North Haiyu Road, this five star luxury Traders Hotel, set rooms, catering, conference and leisure entertainment, elegant environment, perfect facilities, first-class service, excellent business VIP reception is held various meetings, leisure and entertainment options. Fine Italian cities, experience a feeling of Tianming, historical and cultural heritage of the ancient new rhyme, 270 spacious and elegant rooms with attentive service and convenient WIFI Internet, enjoy the noble. Check Inn Hotel ad hoc executive floor, is a comfortable private world, located in the hotel room Tianming VIP floor, spacious and bright, love the French window desk, and a small sofa, imagine the sunshine through the room, the nest on the sofa, reading a book or a daze. This is a very time wasted wonderful things. The room facilities are complete, safe, refrigerator, iron etc. are equipped with more independent, locker rooms, a mirror shine through your heart, not lonely, at least you. Packed Washroom, it is clear at a glance, the middle is vanity, right there are two small rooms, a toilet, a rain is real, the left is the bathtub. As far as I know, many foreign business owners travel to Changshu will also be admitted to Tianming, Tianming a mature five-star hotel, a hard day’s work, stay the night, back to the home like warm hotel, Cantonese style tea with a delicious, a whole day tired will be eliminated. Cantonese style tea, delicate health, with the Jiangnan people’s taste, light, sweet. A bowl of preserved egg porridge, a dish of Chinese cabbage, some snacks, I eat so full.相关的主题文章: