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Travel-and-Leisure India is the land of tales, cultures, diversity and exoticism. From the quaint bazaars with their bustling atmosphere to the supermarkets and international brands in the malls, this country en.passes a broad range of possibilities and opportunities. For the discerning traveler, visiting India is a chance to explore the true beauty and heritage of the Eastern Lands. Rajasthan has be.e a premier tourist destination in India, with more and more visitors around the world gravitating towards the glory of the desert state. The heritage of Rajasthan is one of the oldest, dating back as far as 1000 years into the past. The heritage of the state is preserved in its traditions, cultures, arts and performances, cuisines and even language. Though Hindi is the official language of the state the local people choose to converse in their local dialects and Rajasthani. The arts, dances and music of the state are to be wondered at. The heritage of Rajasthan is brought to life with the various dance types ranging from region to region. For example the Jasnathis have a unique fire dance that is coveted by audiences from all over the world while the Ghoomar dance of Udaipur too is much loved. Music is also an integral part of life in Rajasthan, and both devotional music and celebration music is greatly loved. The Ektara, the Jantar and the Sarangi are musical instruments that are intrinsically linked to the life and culture and heritage of Rajsthan. The glorious heritage of the people of Rajasthan has been preserved in the culture, the architecture and the ways of life. In order to be able to appreciate and celebrate the rich history of Rajasthan we re.mend signing up for Rajasthan Tours during your visit. The Rajasthan Heritage Tours us a 9 nights/ 10 days package that will take you through Delhi, Mandawa, Khimsar, Rohet Garh, Pushkar, Jaipur and Agra. In the capital city of Delhi you will visit both Old Delhi and New Delhi to observe the contrasting beauty of the two regions. From the untouched architecture and old world way of life in Old Delhi to the maintained monuments, malls and modernity of New Delhi, visitors have a chance to explore the political capital of the country like never before. From the havelis in Mandawa to the Panchia Dunes in Khimsar, from the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur to the Ajmer Fort and elephant rides of Jaipur, the purpose of the Rajasthan Heritage Tours is to open your eyes to the beauty and character of the place and its people. In Agra you will have a chance to visit Fatehpur Sikri which is a UNESCO World Heritge Site and then spend time at the Taj Mahal- the international icon of eternal love that the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan created in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The all-inclusive Rajasthan tours are a great option for those travelers who not only want to visit beautiful places but also learn the history of the different cities and towns, explores the ways and customs of the local people, partake in the cuisines of the regions and spend time celebrating the different cultural activities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: