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As you are browsing around the web I am sure that you have come across many mobile phone deals . These deals include 6, 8 and even 12 months free line rental when a contract is entered into; how does this all work, and indeed does it work. Having been through this process many times before I can tell you that for me it has worked and this is how it usually goes. ( Please make sure that you check your terms and conditions to confirm these details ) You wake up a day or two after you have ordered the phone, you hear a knock at the door from the trusty devilry service and it’s your new mobile phone. WHAT NEXT!!! It is important that when you open your new mobile phone that after the initial excitement you read the terms and conditions of your cash back making sure not to loose any of the paperwork that comes in the box. You will either receive and delivery note with what you have in the box or a set of coupons’ it is once again very important that you keep these. Cash back is usually given after you 4th 7th 9th and 12th bill but this can vary Once you have got to the point where you first cash back is owed, include all the bills you have so far and address to the appropriate retailer with the correct paper work or coupon. I would advise that you send this recorded delivery as you have to guarantee that the bills reach the intended retailer within 28 days. Confirmation will be given at the start of the cash back process to either your home or email address All you have to do is wait and your cash back will be issued. Sometimes these payments are not issued as quickly as stated so just keep an eye on this. Repeat this process for the at the relevant bills at the relevant times as stated in your terms and conditions To recap 1.Keep all paper work when you receive the phone terms and conditions 3.Send relevant bills and paperwork at the correct time using recorded delivery 4.look out for confirmation letter or email so you know your cash back has been received 5.look out for payment confirmation 6.keep an eye on how long they take 7.repeat the process for the respective cash back requests Important tips Most of the time YOU CAN NOT have two separate mobile phone contracts with cash back from the same retailer coming out of the same account. If you miss your first cash back you can not receive the rest that you were entitled to with that contract A little off the subject but if you intend on returning the phone sometimes there is a fee for this to take that into consideration and talk to the individual retailer before you purchase. 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