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Hefei fengle building fire smoke exhaust pipe. Roll – Beijing, an online news according to the Anhui daily news, yesterday morning, behind Hefei City Yangtze River West fengle building a smoke exhaust pipe burst fire, a smoke, near the public with alarm. By building security and fire officers and men in the area to fight the blaze, the fire was quickly extinguished. Yesterday morning at 9:30 pm, Anhui Daily reporter saw the building on the west side of the Yangtze River fengle back an exhaust pipe blackened by fire, on the ground a lot of dust, fire engines have not been evacuated. An eyewitness told reporters that more than 8 in the morning, the root of the exhaust pipe, I do not know why the fire broke out, accompanied by thick flames accompanied by billowing smoke, even scary. It is understood that the fire smoke pipe for the building of 14 star hotel. A hotel staff revealed that the pipeline from the third floor to the five floor of the kitchen platform, before long abandoned; the exhaust pipe is still filled with grease, may be caused by high temperature in fire. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter once again contact the hotel security department, a staff member, after the fire they evacuate staff, the fire all outdoors, did not cause casualties. As to why the smoke pipe fire? The staff gives a different guess, said the chef may be improper operation. Currently, the fire department is investigating the specific cause of the fire.相关的主题文章: