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Hainan Wenchang a jewelry store more than 400 thousand yuan of gold jewelry was stolen two suspects were arrested – Beijing, Beijing, Wenchang, August 26, (Wang Anmou) Hainan city of Wenchang Province Public Security Bureau informed that on the 26 day, 18 days this month in the city’s large gold shop theft case, two suspects have been arrested, have recovered the value 20 million yuan of gold jewelry. According to reports, August 18th 7 am, Wenchang City Public Security Bureau received a report that the city of Dongfeng Town Road, a jewelry store worth $about 400000 gold, jade and other jewelry stolen. After receiving the report, the Wenchang Municipal Public Security Bureau dispatched elite police force, the establishment of "8.18 large theft task force for the detection of the case, and promptly reported the case of Hainan Province Public Security Bureau of Interpol corps, to request an investigation. The day of the incident, by Typhoon No. eighth, the mother of electricity, the Wenchang area of continuous heavy rain, to increase the difficulty of the case investigation. On the same day, the Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau of Interpol Corps major detachment responsible person to the scene to guide the investigation of cases. After preliminary investigation, the ad hoc group promptly convene a case will be judged, the deployment of specific detection work. Through a lot of visits Mopai and video surveillance and screening, ad hoc group will be targeted for rental in the town of Wen Jian Lu in a hotel a man Hong Moumou ledong. 21 am 4 pm, Wenchang city police in the town in a hotel room 104 Wen Jian Lu suspect Hong Moumou (male, Hainan people) captured the scene seized suspected stolen gold and jade jewelry group, the total value of more than 10 yuan, and the seizure of electric vehicles, steel knives and other tools of crime. That night, the police task force suspect Hong Moumou back to the public security organs interrogation, the suspect Moumou on the broken window into the Hong jewelry store a total value of more than 40 yuan to steal the gold and jade jewelry confessed to the crime, and truthfully confessed to the implementation of the past few months more than 10 from the facts of the crime of burglary. In addition, the suspect Hong Moumou also confessed his theft of the gold will be sold to the two men in the fence. 23, 16 PM, police task force in the entrance of a hospital in Haikou city where suspected to disguise or conceal the proceeds of crime Zhu Moumou (male, Zhejiang Province, Pingyang county) arrested, to recover a number of stolen gold. After the interrogation, the suspect Zhu Moumou suspected to disguise or conceal the proceeds of crime confessed to the crime. Currently, the suspect Moumou, Zhu Moumou has been under criminal detention by the police, the case is being further processed. (end)相关的主题文章: