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Guizhou to take education first chess   nearly 480 thousand teachers – Guizhou Channel – "to get out of a great education in poor road to strong." Guizhou Provincial Department of education party secretary, director Wang Fengyou tone firm. In recent years, Guizhou Province vigorously implement the "special post plan", "national training plan", "free normal plan", to promote the reform of teacher management system, to protect and improve the treatment of rural teachers and other measures to strengthen the construction of teachers, the development of education as the cultivation of outstanding teachers to play. As of 2015, a total of 479331 full-time teachers in Guizhou Province, the higher school of 30894 teachers, teachers of compulsory education of kindergarten teachers 317188 people, 55856 people, senior high schools (including vocational) 73985 teachers; 273 thousand rural teachers, rural teachers of nearly 150 thousand people. Our teacher Peisa network remote expert Professor electric September 9, 2014, general secretary Xi Jinping in Guizhou province "Guopei" primary school Chinese senior class classroom, visit condolences to teachers, and teachers exchanges and discussions, made important instructions "Guopei" and. A year later the same day, general secretary Xi Jinping as the training plan "of Guizhou province of China (2014)" the seminar participants reply, and put forward the teachers should strive to become "three in reply" (three, namely education reform endeavour, poverty alleviation, education pioneer students guide a good teacher is required to). This special training classes for a year, there are 3 teachers in the provincial rural teachers, of which there are 3 teachers in the provincial rural educators, 4 teachers were rated in the municipal outstanding teachers, class teachers, the "ten gardener" honorary title. The "national training plan" for many rural teachers to be the first out of the mountains, the first time to Guiyang, to Beijing, the first train and plane, go outside the province quality training institutions training, broaden their horizons, increase knowledge, improve rural teachers’ professional qualities and abilities. Can not go to Beijing, does not hinder learning. The "national training plan" innovative training model, to explore the short term training and sent to the countryside to teach "the combination of remote network training and school-based training combined, let the teachers enjoy autonomous learning the domestic first-class experts course. 2010 national training program since the implementation of the central special funds to support the 458 million yuan in Guizhou Province, nearly more than 42 rural teachers training people to achieve full coverage of the province’s rural teacher training. Special post first safeguard of the rural school teacher resources in Guizhou is located in the Yunnan Guizhou plateau mountainous area, poor teaching conditions, the children go to school, the teacher will be stationed in the country, rooted in land. For the expansion of rural teachers supplement channels, improve the teaching ability and the level of morality, the "special post plan" has become the key to help rural education". Currently, the special post teachers accounted for 317 thousand of the total number of compulsory education in Guizhou Province, the number of teachers, the number of consecutive years ranked first in the number of recruitment in the country. The "special post plan" has changed the current situation of the rural school teachers who have been troubled by the Guizhou province for many years, which has not been able to get in and out of the situation. It has alleviated the contradiction of the shortage of teachers in the remote and poor mountainous areas, and has improved the education of rural teachers相关的主题文章: