Guardian of each child’s daily, that is peace – Sohu maternal and child

A good guardian of each child’s daily, which is today the 9.18 maternal peace – Sohu, many city air raid siren sounded, remind people not to forget the cruel war bring us pain, in the era of peace to the guardian of peace. Many parents confused, similar to peace, war, death and other major topics, when, how to communicate with their children. In fact, there are many related picture books, very suitable for parents and children to read and communicate, share with you below one or two. © Lin Feng Village "- the world’s most beautiful of my hometown" as Brigitte? Rabe said, peace is fragile, need to take care of. Children’s world, in particular the need for awareness of the rule of enlightenment. So, in the picture book, what way, can let the child understand the cruelty of war and peace is valuable? Famous painter, peace brigade Kobayashi Feng said: life, is to see the different aspects of things, only believe in a speech, and the blind. Because of this, I was in the picture book focuses on depicting war in peace. The media is trying to highlight the horror picture, even the TV, we will have a lens slightly, see a different image, the scene is no longer a terrorist incident, but to see someone at work, there are children laughing and playing. What we want is a comprehensive, real world. Born to be human, we are always living in our daily life. It’s not an easy thing to protect everyday. This is my picture of peace in picture books, pay attention to the daily reason. © Hamada Keiko, what is peace? "Like this message of peace and hope Lin Feng, in picture books and Hamada Keiko. She set out from the scenes of children’s daily life, so that children can understand the concept of peace. Hamada Keiko said that we often mention peace, but in the end what kind of state is called peace? Of course, there is no state of war. But it is more than that. If the dignity of human life can not be maintained, it can not be called peace. Starting from this idea, Hamada Keiko in the "peace" is what the picture book, a picture of a performance of "peace, may be so……" Concrete scenes. © Hamada Keiko, what is peace? Peace is possible: no war, no bombs, no destruction of houses and towns…… Hungry, who can have food to eat, study, but also with friends…… Peace is: I can come to this world, good. It’s good that you can come to this world. And you and I can be friends. She wants to show off the peace in her daily life, and if it doesn’t come true, why and how. To do this is to tell the child that peace is not inborn, but that we should create it, not by force, but by wisdom and courage. Here we recommend several books, and peace related books, I hope this has worried parents, no headache, avoidance, open the books, let the children in daily life gradually understand. I love flowers? Cattle American children’s literature in the history marked相关的主题文章: