Google pixel store a variety of pre-sale strong models have been sold out

The sale of strong Google store a variety of Pixel models have been sold out of   Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 7th news, according to foreign media reports, Google Pixel, Pixel XL smartphone released earlier in the week immediately after accepting reservations, many users quickly landing Google mobile phone shop panic buying. True blue Pixel version of Pixel, XL models in the open after the booking immediately sold out. Now, the 128GB version of Pixel XL has been sold out. If consumers still want to buy this product or wait for Google to add inventory, or go to the store to buy Verizon, best buy. In addition, the 32GB version of Pixel XL only black models available. 128GB version of the Pixel only silver models, but the 32GB version is also available in black and silver. Google’s new Pixel, Pixel XL has a number of features, but also the lack of some users want to see the function. For example, many users complained that Google did not add microSD card slot in the new phone. For many users, 128GB storage space is sufficient, but with the support of the memory card is a better choice. Some users who prefer to use the memory card may switch to other phones. For users who want to get plenty of storage space, they can only choose to buy the 128GB version of Pixel, Pixel XL models. Although all the photos and video intelligent storage function can make Google’s Pixel mobile phone users to shoot to the original picture stored in the cloud, do not need to reduce the size or compression, but if the user download size up to several GB games or applications, and the storage space occupied by the system itself, 32GB storage space is not enough. (compile Xiao rain)  相关的主题文章: