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Web-Design How do you achieve top positions on Google? First we need to strip out all the nonsense, myths and hype that is out there so that you can develop a sensible strategy for promoting your website most effectively. Firstly, what puts a particular website in the higher search engine rankings? The reality is that all the search engines use their own, top secret, algorithms to rank sites. Their goal is to deliver relevant, accurate, and up-to-date information to their searching public. To achieve this, they are in a constant war against SEO experts who would seek to skew those rankings so as to put their clients at the top. Top rankings can be achieved by two strategies: Black Hat and White Hat. White Hat optimization is designed to deliver accurate, timely, relevant and quality information – essentially working WITH the Search Engines. Black Hat refers to strategies that try to get around that by various ways of cheating. Black Hat techniques can work, but usually only for a short period of time until Google figure out what you are doing (which wont take long) and find a way to plug that loophole – and BAN your site while they are at it. No one knows for certain what ranking factors work, but these are the ones that have been well proven, have survived the test of time, and make intuitive sense, given the goal of the search engines themselves: 1. Well thought out content that relates to your theme. The more the better. Search Engines are getting better at interpreting sites though a process called latent semantic indexing (or LSI) with is a more .plex way of saying that artificial intelligence is being used to determine what the site is about, as opposed to simple what keywords are within. Littering the site with as many keywords as possible simply doesnt work anymore. Keywords are still required but now also require other phrases and words that are related to your topic keywords. 2. Links. Links from bad neighborhoods get you very little in the way of Google Page Rank. These links from Free-For-All (FFA) sites and link farms are not very well looked upon. Though Google does not penalize you for such links, they definitely do not reward you for such. Links from authority sites like established Web Directories, on the other hand, are worth quite a bit . Theme related sites are also quite worthy, ie if you have a .puter gaming site, other gaming sites linking to you will be worth more than a website for household cleaners. To see how valuable a site roughly is in relation to others, see its Google Page Rank, the higher it is, the more valuable the site. Eventually, Google Page Rank will probably be.e specific to themes, meaning you could be ranked highly for one theme and rather low for another. 3. Sites that have been around a long time – If all factors are equal, Google Page Rank will rise with time. This makes older sites more worthwhile due to this reason. 4. Fresh sites – In the Search Engines quest to find hot news, they generally look to new sites and therefore give initial priority to the newer sites. SEs also look for links pointing to these new sites as they are sometimes a stepping stone to other new content. 5. Outgoing links – Too many links can be a bad thing, especially when linking to bad neighborhoods. Though bad links .ing in are not penalized, ones going out certainly are. Links out to authority sites are quite worthwhile. 6. The keywords themselves – obviously some keywords are a lot more .petitive than others. Aim to get ranked for your most specific keywords first. If you are a local business, then tag on the name of your town or state to the keyword. 7. Unique content. The last thing that search engines want to do is to deliver to the public 20,000 pages that all say the same thing! Duplicate content is quickly recognized and filtered out by the SEs. Dont just slap up the same articles that everyone else is using. You need unique content. That applies both to your own site, and also to the pages that are linking to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: