Georgia and NATO to hold joint military exercises will reach brigade scale isobuster

Georgia and NATO held a joint military drill will reach the brigade size of the original title: Georgia and NATO held a joint military drill in Tbilisi on 10 November, Xinhua (reporter Li Ming) Georgia and NATO joint military exercises on the 10 day in the south of the capital Tbilisi police held Kerr lattice Indonesia joint training and assessment center. On the day of the opening ceremony was held at the Tbilisi military base near Wajani, Georgia’s Deputy Defense Minister Leila Chico Vanni said that the exercise is the first multinational joint military exercises by the Georgia general staff command of NATO within the framework of the exercise will reach the brigade size. Georgia’s defense ministry said in a statement on the same day, from the United States, Turkey, Holland and other 11 NATO countries, as well as Ukraine and Macedonian soldiers will participate in the joint military exercises with Georgian soldiers. The 10 day exercise aimed at promoting Georgia and participating countries between military cooperation. In May this year, Georgia and the United States, the United Kingdom held a code named noble partner joint military exercises. In September, Georgia and the United States, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine and Romania held a code called "agile spirit" joint military exercises. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: