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From the data algorithm to artificial intelligence, take you through the fog on the road leading to artificial intelligence, inevitably to deal with data algorithms and often. This week AI Technology Review from a professional point of view, the ten most commonly used algorithm to explain the latest scientists, as well as the analysis of deep learning in the data revolution in the end what occupy position. In addition, the heavy fog this week and the father of the Palm Jeff Hawkins, Yuval Harari and human history author Dean of Microsoft Asia Research Institute Hong Xiaowen from different angles with you through the artificial intelligence in the process of learning. | released the latest ten most commonly used algorithm — Based on the survey data of scientists, KDnuggets summed up the ten most commonly used algorithm of data scientists, they are: 1 Regression regression algorithm 2 clustering algorithm Clustering 3 Decision Trees Rules 4 Visualization 5 k-Nearest decision tree visualization Neighbor neighbor algorithm (Principal Component Analysis 6 PCA 7) principal component analysis algorithm Statistics algorithm Random Forests 8 statistical random forest algorithm 9 Time series Sequence time series 10 Text Mining text mining | do these values of $400 million: how to use Nervana to realize data deep learning revolution of August 2016, Intel in order to strengthen the field of artificial intelligence Ability to $400 million astronomical acquisition of machine learning startups Nervana. Founded only two years ago, the company has been recognized as the leader in the development of machine learning technology. Recently, Nervana co-founder and chief executive officer Naveen Dr. Rao on the StrataHadoop and we discussed the topic of deep learning, through its PPT, we can also understand the value of Nervana. Naveen explores many aspects, including deep learning compared with other machine learning techniques, the benefits of the latest developments in the field, in-depth study and work process, development and deployment of deep learning solutions to the challenges, for the construction and expansion of deep learning solutions and standardized tools and so on. Nervana currently has the most advanced depth learning platform, it is very convenient to use the development of related tools, from the complex relationship to abstract a representative of the target characteristics. In addition to the previously mentioned a variety of applications, but also can be used to quickly locate oil wells, natural gas fields, as well as fine agricultural operations. | Palm, Numenta founder Jeff Hawkins about what.相关的主题文章: