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UnCategorized The miserable days where England supporters were subjected to the farce that was the Wally with the Brolly Steve Maclaren, are starting to feel as though it may all have been a really bad dream after all. And who is it that England can thank for that? None other than the Italian himself, Mr Fabio Capello. The Three Lions have had a remarkable change in fortunes under Capello’s guidance, so we want to know why, exactly, this is the case. Why has he managed to succeed where Maclaren so famously failed? The answer is a simple one. England’s main man has no interest in courting or befriending his players; he is more concerned in presenting himself as a Headmaster figure rather than a colleague. For example, how often can you say that you have seen him laughing and joking with his players? It just doesn’t happen. Then .pare that to Steve Maclaren, who was seen regularly cavorting with his staff on the training field. For Capello, it is important to maintain his distance on that front. Whilst being successful in the fact that he totally absorbs himself in the technical side of his team’s game which he then impresses onto his players. Eagerly, he monitors match statistics with a meticulous eye and subjects the players to regular meetings. Together, they watch game re-runs where the coach will point out who has made the errors, and could have been done to prevent the situation occurring. Capello’s team are continually under observation from the boss and are aware that unless they give 100% they jeopardise their place in the squad. The current outfit have never seen the likes before. After previous tame regimes, under Sven Goran Erikson and Steve Maclaren, where it seemed as though the footballers had a free reign, the here and now must seem like a shock to the system. Therefore, it can be no surprise they qualified in lightning speed and with maximum efficiency. Fabio Capello is exactly the sort of manager the English national squad have been crying out for. In what is really a short space of time his record already speaks volumes for the man’s ability to transform what was a faltering bunch of over hyped performers into high flyers of the game. Expectations have risen from being at rock bottom to potential World Cup winners, all thanks to Fabio. Of course, it would be irrational to jump the gun and say that in light of recent results England should be listed as one of the favorites to lift the famous trophy in South Africa, but for once, you get the real feeling that something special is brewing! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: