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Computers-and-Technology Ezzy Automations is one of the providers in Bangladesh of fire protection systems for medium to large corporate houses, factories and other vulnerable places where a spilt of fire can causes a huge destruction. To avoid the risk of invaluable lives and properties, Ezzy Automations (Bangladesh) is providing professional services with the assistance by the leading global brands of fire security products. At the verge of technological advancement coordinated with the leading global standards the fire protection systems provided by Ezzy Automations are included with fire alarm systems, fire automation systems, fire detection systems, fire protection systems and fire control panels. The right combinations of these fire protection systems can protect fire risks and the automated technology alerts the authorities and the vulnerable peoples to save lives and resources by taking instant initiatives to turn off the fire from just a single spark. Even the fire protection systems provided by Ezzy Automations have the capability to detect the chances of fire by automated systems which consistently monitor the overall indoor temperatures, machine overheating and the emissions of smokes from a potential fire point. For larger floor areas the fire protection systems provided by Ezzy Automations have the capability of detecting fire point from the initial stage which is almost impossible to find and detect by manual labor. Since commencement, Ezzy Automations served a number of high end clients to secure their resources from potential fire hazards. There are clients from almost all industries like: Garment and other leading factories, IT and Telecom companies, Corporate Houses and large Shopping Malls are taking fire protection systems and supports from Ezzy Automations. Ezzy Automations have employed a number of high end engineers and technicians devising industry oriented experiences to configuration, installation and maintenance of fire protection and other security systems. The management of Ezzy Automations has setup their service transparency highest in terms of client satisfaction. Clients get optimized support including 24*7 professional assistances. To know more about Ezzy Automations and services, please do contact: Ezzy Automations House No: 214, Road No: 13, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka- 1206, Bangladesh Phone No: +88-02-8711879-80 Fax: +88-02-8714623 Email: info@ ezzyautomations.com [email protected] Web: .ezzyautomations.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: