Eight things to make men more and more empty kidney-tsumori chisato

Eight things to make men more and more empty for the age of the age of thirty into the crowd, there is a saying: cause in the climb, the kidneys in the landslide". Men and women over the age of 35, the incidence of kidney deficiency is much higher than when young. Because of middle age, kidney kidney essence deficiency by Sheng gradually, especially the hard work and stay up more easily cause kidney damage, kidney. Therefore, after 35 years old, you should keep your kidney. There are many ways to maintain a good kidney, kidney injury is the most common but also the most attention to the daily small movements, then, what behavior is easy to damage the kidney which behavior is conducive to kidney health? Let’s look at it together. Eight things that make men more and more empty, a kidney among long-term drug use of nephrotoxic drugs can lead to tubulointerstitial damage. Kidney damage can be expressed as: fatigue, loss of appetite, frequent urination, urgency, mouth parched and tongue scorched, dysuria, hematuria and even aseptic pyuria, and accompanied by joint pain and other symptoms. Some directly cause acute necrosis of glomerular nephritis or nephrotic syndrome, severe cases can lead to renal failure and death. Two, overeating modern dining opportunities increased, often eat too much delicious". Experts advise that meat foods, will increase the burden of kidney metabolism, eat too much meat, will cause serious damage to the kidneys. It is best to eat the meat intake to not exceed the size of their own palm. Three, like drinking beer and beer, said the liquid bread, many people think that drinking beer will not harm health. Especially in the summer, a lot of people like to eat seafood while drinking beer, this way has been the kidney physician called the most damage to the kidney". Four, eating salty diet salty, especially some snacks salt content is too high, for example, eat fried potato chips, instant noodles and other people will unconsciously absorb excessive salt. Intake of salt, kidney burden will increase, there may lead to decline in renal function. At the same time, will also lead to increased blood pressure, kidney blood can not maintain normal flow, thus inducing nephropathy. Five, too little water to drink plenty of water will easily go to the toilet, for fear of trouble, or occupation characteristics, many people do not love to drink water, however, if a long time without water, will reduce the amount of urine, so the kidney cannot rid the body of excess waste and garbage, carry wastes and toxin concentration will increase in urine. In the course of time will cause damage to the kidney. Six, often drink soft drinks and sports drinks excessive intake will indirectly damage the kidney. The pH of the human body is 7.2, these drinks are generally highly acidic, after drinking the body pH significantly changed. The kidney is the main organ to adjust the pH of the human body, long-term excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks, will bring a burden on the kidneys, increase the probability of kidney damage. Seven, some people often hold back because of busy work and long time holding back. Experts remind that the urine in the bladder in too long easy reproduction of bacteria, the bacteria will be retrograde into the kidney, causing urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis. This kind of infection once repeated attacks, can cause chronic infection, not easy to cure eight, long-term stay up all night in the kidney of the five lines of water, stay up all night injury.相关的主题文章: