Dallas factory decryption zero start to build 90 thousand monthly production of the robot will be on neogeo.zip

Dallas decryption: Zero factory plant to produce 90 thousand robots will be on-line technology – Sohu intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | Xiao Han November 4th, intellectual things such as several media by Dallas electric invited to manufacture the factory which is located in Jiangsu city of Changzhou province to visit. Dallas co-founder, electric supply chain and production aspects of the responsible person responsible for supporting the overall operation status, He Weihua Dallas Changzhou factory of supply chain enterprises, cost structure, product testing equipment, the production line running process and a future development is expected to the content of the explanation and description. (left is to explain is the co-founder of the supply chain, Dallas VP He Weihua) overall operation situation: the monthly production capacity of 90 thousand units of Dallas factory at the end of November 2014 formally completed in March 2015 to build, operation and acceptance of the production line. Its production base in the workshop covers an area of 16000 square meters, raw materials warehouse covers an area of 9000 square meters. Currently has 193 front-line production staff and 149 administrative and auxiliary staff. The calf’s assembly workshop is equipped with 3 suspension production lines and a manual production line, the total capacity of 90 thousand units per month, so far, the Mavericks plant has produced a total of nearly 200 thousand electric vehicles. Third, the automatic production line for the production of skilled workers, namely, the production process of the assembly line production, the monthly production capacity of 25 thousand units. The manual production line is mainly for the training of new employees with semi-finished products is the biggest difference with the suspension line of every step is to rely on manpower to push to the next station, and not on the conveyor belt of the past, the monthly production capacity of 15 thousand taiwan. According to He Weihua introduction, the Mavericks on the 1st and three suspension production line is the domestic sales of products, and the production line is the production of two overseas sales of products. Although the domestic and foreign products are produced separately, but two quality standard production line is completely consistent, "the main production line because of the difference of domestic and foreign products in the motor and lighting accessories standard." He Weihua said, for example, the European electric car is not the speed limit, so they can use a larger power motor." Finally, He Weihua also said the Mavericks will complete the transformation of the manual production line in mid 2017, the industrial robot by introducing the common field of automobile manufacturing to further the production line capacity from 15 thousand units to 35 thousand units in the manual era. Production process: manufacturing an electric car in just a few hours to Dallas the entire production base consists of four buildings, in addition to a side of the office alone and other administrative buildings, three buildings are connected to each other, respectively for the raw material warehouse workshop, assembly workshop and vehicle storage workshop. The production process is also carried out according to the order of the raw material workshop, the assembly workshop and the vehicle storage workshop. First of all, the various parts of the Mavericks electric vehicle supply chamber will be made of raw materials shipped to the Mavericks in the raw material workshop, after sampling and sorting. Subsequently, each.相关的主题文章: