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Crazy small rise early: parents queuing overnight 1 days children Mathematical Olympiad class 3 field Sohu news every weekend in the training school hundreds of students, All seats are occupied. rubbing their eyes, listening, and yawning; outside the classroom, parents in the rest room bored by playing mobile phone games or watch TV to pass the time. In order to accompany their children to train, they wait all day. What is more, some parents in order to fight for a front seat for children, all night queuing. While some of the children at the weekend, not only removed several training courses, even Mathematical Olympiad classes of three teachers in the field to catch. Recently, with the selection of private high school days approaching, on the topic of training crazy hot and sparked concern. These days, the reporter investigated the training market, and the depth of their parents talk about this crazy small rise early training. Reporter survey training institutions hidden in the classroom classroom training in the office, parents rest room and so on Sunday 12:40, the reporter went to a training institution. The training institutions in Haishu, hiding in an office building in the outside, simply can not see a picture of the school, but in the industry, this training institutions is quite famous, a lot of "junior high" parents will send their children there. "There’s a training facility here, you know?" It’s on the third floor, you see, just a student walked in." Write a small shop floor near the shop owner said, noon rest time, many students will come here to buy snacks. Into the training institutions, it is time to rest at noon. Some parents take their children back in a hurry to depart, some drinking milk and eating cake; some children have meal in advance into the classroom, parents are busy to pick up odds and ends of a meal on the table. The training institutions for the training of primary and secondary school, one of the most famous is the Mathematical Olympiad, the second grade primary school has the Mathematical Olympiad training Mathematical Olympiad training course, only the sixth grade will open 5. A class of up to a class at the same time, there are hundreds of people in class, but parents still at registration. "What do you do? Parents can not go in!" A security stop teaching area door, door read "parents do not enter". Reporters tried to enter the classroom to find out exactly what was flatly rejected. Responsible for admissions staff said, you want to sign up, you can bring the child directly to the exam, we look at the test results to see whether or not. Halfway over the application, can only transfer, many of us have been full of the class." There is a huge classroom next to the words "parents lounge", neatly stocked with tables and chairs, can accommodate sixty or seventy people. Children in the classroom training, parents in the rest room, etc., and sometimes a day is a day. Many parents have bored, chat, play games or watch TV to pass the time. Ms. Lee 60 early this year, live in the Beilun Bai Feng Zhen, Ningbo training to accompany grandson. "Early in the morning to go out, but also a taxi is by subway, back and forth to toss 4 hours." "Our children a day of training two Mathematical Olympiad, a Chinese, plus round-trip delay time,.相关的主题文章: