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Home-Improvement It can be difficult to learn a new system, and as the new LED products make their way into public hands, it will be necessary to learn how to read the packaging. It may seem odd that a new form of lighting would require new knowledge, but even with the increasingly available CFL bulbs the situation is identical. CFL manufacturers have circumvented the issue by placing the old equivalent boldly upon the packaging, so you see them say 60 Watt replacement to make matters easy. The new system will require bulbs to be listed with lumens, not watts. Whats a Lumen? Lumens measure the total number of packets of light produced by a light source, which is a complicated way of saying how much light a source puts out. We have become accustomed to measuring light by watts. The average incandescent bulbs only put out about 12 lumens for every watt of electricity they consume. In contrast, LED bulbs produce about 60-100 lumens per watt. Replacement Values Since LED light bulbs can generate many more lumens per watt of electricity used, they are significantly more efficient. Knowing that doesnt help much when you get to the store and try to figure out which bulb to get when you need a replacement. A 40 watt bulb produces about 400-500 lumens. A 60 watt bulb generates about 800 lumens and a 100 watt bulb puts out 1400-1700 lumens, give or take. Knowing the approximate number of lumens for which to search will help you avoid taking home the wrong bulbs. For example, when purchasing bulbs to replace those in a chandelier that uses 25 watt bulbs, which coincidentally produce about 250 lumens, you would not want to get 0.5w LED bulb just because the shape is right that bulb only generates 4 lumens. Understanding the number of lumens is critical to purchasing the correct LED bulbs. Take a chart with you just in case you encounter bulbs that are only marked in lumens, a coming trend. Also, search the packaging carefully CFL bulbs packaged in a nearly identical fashion to LED bulbs, and you dont want to bring home the wrong thing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: