China has become the first Fenghua auto parts market shares-mmhouse

China has become the first Fenghua auto parts market share at the same time, Fenghua China to "just do only, striving for the first" as the faith, strong ability, industry leading category Jicai accumulation, quick first mover advantage, narrow the gap between the C client and S terminal suppliers to ensure 24 hours of distance, fast delivery and 12 month warranty service customer service. In the domestic market, for example, by extension of the regional branch of Southern China Fenghua China, and actively develop the auto industry Internet plus the combination of industry, as through auto parts with the end users "last kilometer distance" smooth walker, completed the integration of the first auto parts industry S2C. At present, China Fenghua adapt to the market development trend of automobile, with a number of internationally renowned automobile accessories brand depth of cooperation, including SAIC, ZF, Hella Group, race, Temington, SA times mogul, Philippines Luo, Phoebe, Si Nisan, ntn…… Covers hundreds of models, Land Rover, Porsche, Volvo, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, TOYOTA, Honda, Lexus and other dozens of high-grade car brand. In addition, the Shenzhou Fenghua has confirmed three new board listing ceremony held in Beijing in September 6th, when China Fenghua directors and many people in the industry, the media reporter will attend the witness Fenghua Shenzhou listed three new board.相关的主题文章: