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Children do not obey? Teach you a word he fix – Sohu [picture] maternal attention selection, let the children love to read! Method: open WeChat to add a friend to search the number to jxhuiben! Attention recently heard a mother said: do not know how to talk to my child. Yesterday, I said the go out looking for friends to play, but the weather is cold, have to wear more clothes. The child does not wear. I finally told her, if you don’t wear clothes, we can’t get out of the door. The child stubborn temper, finally go to roll up on the ground. I didn’t get angry with her. When she cried enough, the day is not early, the result is not out of the door. This child’s temper, almost every family exists. However, many of the children crying, in fact, can be avoided. Then the mother above problems, we envision a comparison between two cases. In the first case, the mother holding the clothes of the children said: "we wear more clothes, it’s cold outside!" a rebellious child will be this: "I don’t wear clothes!" mother second cases, said: "baby that dress, we can set off!" children often readily replied: "good!" why two situations will have such a big distinction? The reason in the use of different communication skills. The child’s thinking is irreversible at the beginning of the time, the child’s thinking is very simple, until the larger, there will be a complex trend of development, but his thinking is still irreversible. The so-called irreversible, such as you ask the child, who is your sister, he can answer. If you ask, "who is your sister’s brother," he can’t be pushed back. This is why the preceding example, why there is such a magical contrast effect. First, my mother is in their own thinking in the expression: because it is cold, so to wear more clothes to go out. However, the mind of the child will not push down: Oh, to wear more clothes, because it is cold outside. On the contrary, the second scene, the mother said, wear clothes, we go out. So, the child automatically before and after such a comb, think it is so. Therefore, parents use a…… On the sentence, you can guide the child to understand the logical sequence of events, the child will be easier to understand and listen. Rebellious children especially don’t like nonsense 1-3, is a ridge for both parents and children. At this time, the child is in rebellion. Rebellion is not to say that the child is in mischief. Children have children to adhere to. Only when they find themselves unable to attract the attention of parents, will become more stubborn. 1 years ago, the child does not have the language ability, parents can say more, but also can be justified, the tone is warm and calm, but the child can understand, feel what the parents are conveying. In the face of 1-3 year old children, parents should pay attention to speaking, we must be concise and clear. Try to say: "we now go OK?" "you put on your shoes is good" like it, because only such a sentence, the children get a negative answer provocation. At this time the parents speak!相关的主题文章: