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By 2014, more than 70% of the AEC industry is expected to be BIM-med out! Building Information Modeling is no more just a process to manage and generate digital representations of a physical aspect of a building. BIM construction management has brought in a new wave in the field of architectural technology. Its adoption is increasingly becoming a necessity for architects, developers, home builders, construction and engineering professionals for its faster design, quality construction documents and improved facility management, giving rise to BIM outsourcing partnership. BIM guides AEC from its conceptual stage to its demolition stage with its stored knowledge database. Unlike CAD, it offers a 3D perspective to its users. It allows spatial analysis along with light, energy analysis and geographic information. BIM Models did not see a steep growth at introduction because of the comfort that people found in CAD, but today BIMs demand is on a rise with unfortunately not a matching rise in the number of BIM practitioners. Advantages of BIM BIM allows several design options without double the efforts or time consumed. Projects take shape at an early stage giving owners deeper knowledge about the architectural specifics and architects can modify designs without losing any construction cost. It helps you save up to 50% of the time taken earlier with its intelligence and automation. Material quality and quantity can be estimated apart from various energy, light analysis that help design the structure better and closer to the owners needs. BIM generates and stores information about the project that would help in future renovations and modifications making the future of the project, simpler and efficient. Building Information Modeling is a time saving, cost effective option that provides benefits never seen before. But with every pro comes a con. BIM, despite its growing popularity and demand faces a few challenges. Disadvantages of BIM With its advantages comes a heavy investment. BIM is a constantly changing technology that needs an equal pace in creating experts and investment in technology. It can only be rendered by professionally trained experts. Companies are expected to increase staff buy ins. Though few, BIMs challenges are not very easy to come through. This is why companies rely on outsourcing BIM services to specialized agencies. The best way of availing the advantages of Building Information Modeling services and staying away from the challenges is that you find a BIM outsourcing partner who will take care of all your requirements. Find the right BIM outsourcing partner and they shall deliver what you need without making any direct investments on the technology. Advantages of BIM Outsourcing Foremost, it is the most cost effective way of adopting BIM. Outsourcing services leaves all your companys concentration on in house activities freeing you from all the BIM stress. BIM requires expertise at different levels which can be easily achieved from a trusted Outsourcing partner. It increases your profit margins with zero investment and the quality results. Deadlines are met easily if you partner with a reputed BIM agency. To achieve all benefits of BIM outsourcing, the most important factor is finding an experienced firm providing BIM services. This new wave in architectural documentation may provide many advantages but the process is a technical one. Many levels before reaching the final result can leave scope for errors if not taken care of by experts in the field who have dealt with the various BIM softwares in the market. BIM services have also given way to constant modification and saving costs, which can best be enjoyed when the BIM stress is in a land far far away. Find a BIM outsourcing partner that best suits your needs. Collaborations generate better results, both, qualitatively and quantitatively. About the Author: About the Author BluEnt BIM is a global leader in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to top residential builders, developers, AECO and related industries in USA, New Zealand, UK, Australia, and Asia-pacific regions. If you are looking for high quality construction documents and CAD BIM related services, contact BluEnt by filling up the Request for Services form or send your requirements to [email protected] Article Published On: – Outsourcing 相关的主题文章: