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Food-and-Drink High in nutrition value and full of taste, no doubt Dry Fruits fall in the category of Superfood. A number of Dried Fruits are there to get a number of health benefits. Some of the well-known and widely consumed Dry Fruits are Almond, Cashew Nut, Dates, Dry Date, Pistachios, Raisins, Apricots, Peaches, Walnut and many more. Including even a single Dry Fruit in your regular diet can provide you with long-term health benefits. Read on to know how. To begin with Almonds, this variety of Dry Fruits is majorly known for reducing the risks of cancer the chronicle disease. Almonds also help in preventing tumor. Besides, Almonds are also useful for forming new blood cells, increasing the hemoglobin level and proper working of the body organs. You can also have Almonds for lowering the high blood pressure, reducing weight, treating constipation, etc. As well, problems related to hair and skin can also be cured by regular intake of Almonds. Then there are Raisins, popularly known as Kishmish in Hindi. The major benefit of Raisins is that they can be taken by all those who have digestion problems. Apart from constipation, Raisins are beneficial in acidosis as well. Acidosis is a condition of toxicity of the blood and it generally takes place in stomach. Because Raisins have sufficient amount of magnesium and potassium that defuse acids, they are helpful in curtailing acidosis. Further, Raisins are also good for treating Anemia and can be taken for Eye Care and Dental Care too. Moving further, Cashew Nut is another popularly consumed variety of Dry Fruits. Powerhouse of Protein and Fiber, Cashew Nuts are good for heart. Having no cholesterol, Cashew Nuts promote cardiovascular health. Termed as Energy Food, Cashew Nuts provide excellent flexibility to blood vessels. Cashew Nuts are also considered good for weight management. Apart from Almonds, Raisins and Cashew Nuts, there are Pistachios you very frequently find in the ice-creams that you crave for and the Halwa which is inseparable part of almost every special occasion. Pistachios keep the blood sugar in control, are the best answer for improving digestive system and help in reducing the risk of heart related diseases. You can Buy Mixed Dry Fruits Gift Pack and Roasted Dry Fruits Gift Pack, from S. K. B Food Products Pvt. Ltd. The company is one of the trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers of Food Products, Dry Fruits , Wheat Porridge, Roasted Dry Fruits, Brown Rice Puffs . Dry Fruits Gift Pack collection can be availed at affordable price from the company. For placing orders, you can go through About the Author: S. K. B Food Products Pvt. Ltd. The delicious Macaroni variants provided by the companies are high in demand throughout the country. The company is making available the best quality Food Products since 1994 and has successfully established itself amid the prominent Macaroni Manufacturers in India. Apart from Macaroni, other lip-smacking Food Items that you can buy from the company mainly include Toasted Bread, Vermicelli. To place orders, you can log on to Article Published On: – Food-and-Drink 相关的主题文章: