Beijing crazy bite white dog was arrested police are linked to further verification of the injured rainism

Beijing crazy bite white dog caught the police contact the victim to do further verification – Beijing this morning, reporters from the relevant personnel department was informed that the day before yesterday in Chaoyang District Near East, East sanhuan area for more than the white dog has been bitten by passers-by were found by police. Chaoyang Branch police brigade police said in an interview with reporters, the police have been obtained from the Chaoyang District CDC list of the injured, 80% of them confirmed that the police found the white dog and bite their white dog conditions consistent. Catch the details of the dog, the police did not disclose. Police said, because some of the injured were unable to answer the phone, so the police verification work is not over, the final conclusion will be officially released by the official. In the story the man in the video is not a reversal of yesterday, micro-blog, WeChat in the circle of friends in heat transfer, the disclosure of dog bites the truth "video, the story appeared in reverse. Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Zhang made a net friend micro-blog attracted the attention of reporters, he has been calling on the network big V who have deleted the previous forwarded that video, because the truth is not described online. Reporter linked to mr.. He said, the man in the video is his uncle, live in Chaoyang District Guanghua Road Yihe Residence Internazionale. The first day in the afternoon, his uncle took home raised four small dogs to Teddy Guanghua Road near Liu Wan, just met the white dog bite. The white dog soon attacked his uncle and bit his uncle. Mr. Zhang said that the spread of network video, is associated with the white dog attacks, but his uncle did not intentionally attack dogs, but while protect the family dog, white dog bite side against mad. Mr. Zhang said, if carefully view the video will find his uncle when the dog dog chained, enough to prove that he is the pet dog, white dog not bite children. Moreover, his uncle’s identity is a culture of the company executives, nor what steal gouzei". Reporter noted that, although Mr. Zhang called for the weak voice to delete the video on the Internet, but some "big V" about the incident, but also delete posts. See video information, people’s first reaction is angry, so did not want too much forward. I know the truth of the video did not find out, the heart is also forwarded. Now I can only pray that the people bitten by dogs are safe." A big V to Mr. Zhang commented afterwards. Experts say the white dog bite can not live long yesterday afternoon, the white dog attacked passers-by and video raid in the street after another exposure. Yongan near the surveillance camera to capture the picture shows that the white dog is not afraid of the vehicle along the way, quickly across the road to attack passers-by. The citizens are defenseless, looking back, the white dog has turned and ran away. Dr. Meng Shengli has long been engaged in the research of rabies virus in an interview with reporters said, if the white dog is a healthy dog mom, anyone who attacks or snatch it the child’s case, it will not rule out the attack directly to each other, make the stress response. But the dogs to attack specific perpetrators, rather than a raid, continuously attack innocent passers-by. So he judged from the white dog behavior characteristics of the present disclosure, which belongs to the 6 mad dogs carrying rabies virus相关的主题文章: