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Based investment strategy: market opportunities outweigh the risks can be increased with the partial stock funds – fund channel review according to statistics, this period (20161014 – 20161020) of statistical products in active stock fund net product rose an average of 0.32%, the index fund products net average rose 0.44%, hybrid funds average net worth rose 0.19%, the net value of bonds the average fund products rose 0.23%, the net value of the fund guaranteed product rose an average of 0.11%, short-term financial products fund net average rose 0.05%, net currency fund products average rose 0.05%, QDII fund net average rose 0.78% products. The beginning of the current period B diving lead to market panic selling, the stock again showed a larger decline, but the next day that the great counter offensive, Shanghai refers to the success of September covering the gap, the volume also significantly enlarged. Blocked in the strong pressure on the line and 3100 points, then the stock index on the first day of the two trading days along the line shock finishing. Overall, the stock index to walk in the road. Index, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.75%, small board index rose 0.30%, the gem index fell 0.69%. SWS 28 industries generally rose, of which building decoration, non-ferrous metals gainers, real estate, non silver financial decline in the top. Liquidity, the central bank repurchase repurchase amount of 530 billion yuan, the bill expires at $5 billion 500 million, the total invested 535 billion 500 million yuan, reverse repurchase expires at $560 billion, the final net return of $24 billion 500 million. At the same time, the central bank to carry out medium-term lending facilities 462 billion yuan, operating rate unchanged from the previous period. In addition, between 1 and 7 days pledged repo rates rose by more than the end of last year, respectively, by 10.51 basis points, 2.. 79 basis points, overnight SHIBOR rose by 5.7 basis points over the previous period. Index terms, the CSI corporate debt rose 0.2413%, the CSI bond rose by 0.4956%, CSI bond rose by 0.8609%, the CSI financial debt rose by 0.2533%, the CSI total debt rose by 0.3237%. Various types of fund performance this year, the active partial stock fund products rose generally concentrated within one percentage point, the yield is between 4.25% and -2.94%. Specifically, the financing of new areas of the new economy (001152) the largest increase, Xingquan organic growth (340008) the largest decline. In addition, Sheng Xinxing (001892), the Growth Theme Changsheng Internet Plus Theme (002085) were among the biggest gainers, up 4.25% and 3.88% respectively; Bo industry (050018), core strengths post flexible configuration (590003) decreases by 2.63%, 2.16%, respectively. Index funds, high-speed rail fund tracking index funds rose slightly, and the overall performance is better than the active stock funds. Specifically, the South China Securities Industry (160135), high iron and high iron industry Penghua (160639) rose 4.85% and 4.72%, the high-speed rail sector rose mainly due to the prefix in railway.相关的主题文章: