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Baidu Sogou investigation: promotion advertising not review obligation morning news reporter Li Xiaoming from September 1st implementation of the "Internet advertising management measures" clearly stipulates that sell goods or services paid search advertising belongs to Internet advertising, this provision is generally considered to "PPC" put on the inhibition. Reporters yesterday from Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that due to pay will not have the qualification of maternal and child health hospital medical advertising top to the forefront of the Shanghai industry and commerce departments suspected illegal advertising behavior of main advertising Shanghai Nanpu gynecology hospital, Anping hospital, and Baidu search, Sogou search and other publishers suspected of entirely review obligation will be carried out investigation. This is the first case of violation of the "Interim Measures for the administration of Internet advertising" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") in Shanghai. Without qualification but do "people" advertising yesterday morning, Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau regulators to "abortion" or "abortion" as the keyword search in Baidu, Sogou, 360 and other 3 search engines. Jump out at the upper end of the Baidu search results page, display the "Shanghai Nanpu gynecology hospital, Shanghai Anping Hospital, Shanghai Xupu hospital gynecology" advertising, click on the link, will jump to the relevant medical institutions at the top of the page; Sogou search results page to jump out of the show "the advertising Shanghai Xupu Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine", click on the link, also jump to the page of the relevant medical institutions. The supervision personnel immediately conducted a forensics screenshot. Industry and Commerce regulators said that the measures clearly stipulates: the industrial and commercial departments of the Internet advertising technology monitoring records, can be used as electronic evidence of the implementation of administrative penalties for illegal advertising. This to the business sector to investigate illegal Internet advertising brings great convenience, has a strong practical operability. Subsequently, the regulators after verification found: Shanghai Anping Hospital, Shanghai Nanpu gynecology hospital, Shanghai Xu Pu Chinese medicine hospital does not have the technical qualifications of maternal and child health care. Baidu alleged not review obligations according to reports, the search engine will release illegal medical advertisements from the top of the forefront of the hospital practices alleged violation of advertising law and the "measures". In accordance with the provisions of the advertising law, medical advertising management approach, the release of medical advertisements should be reviewed by the health administrative department of the contents of the ad. For those who do not qualify for medical institutions, the health sector will not allow it to publish the words containing the flow of advertising content. Therefore, Sogou, Baidu and other search engines to release these ads, allegedly not review obligations. It is reported that, as the publisher of Internet advertising, Baidu, Sogou search engine, such as suspected of advertising has not been reviewed, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce investigation. Meanwhile, Shanghai Anping Hospital, Shanghai Nanpu gynecology hospital, Shanghai Xu Pu Chinese medicine hospital and other advertisers suspected of illegal advertising behavior, but also the business sector investigation. The jurisdiction of open convenient off-site supervision of industrial and commercial department has a large scale of Internet advertising, especially PPC to carry out investigation and remediation, mainly because of the "measures" which were clearly defined, the jurisdiction of release, to facilitate off-site supervision. .相关的主题文章: