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Baby out of such an emergency? You’re hurting him! Sohu – a small accident is maternal child at home, but there are many inherited from older or from the circle of friends of first aid skills is actually wrong, these methods give children first aid, not only can aggravate the injury, may even be fatal. A drowning, the back water control right approach: any method of controlling water cardiopulmonary resuscitation is useless, because the contents of water and water control can only control out of the stomach, it is difficult to drain the water out of the lungs. But the water content of the water content control process, but increased the risk of aspiration, harmful. Now evidence based medicine has made clear that the delay in recovery of water control, increase the rate of aspiration, significantly increased mortality. The correct approach is to first check whether the child is conscious, if lost consciousness immediately for cardiopulmonary resuscitation; if the infant is pressed under the age of 3, with a single hand pressing method, over the age of 3 with his hands, pressing part is the lower sternum, nipple connection point, when pressing the upper body forward, wrist, elbow and shoulder joint straight, vertical downward force, ensure each press after full chest rebound, does not change the compression position, hand not from the chest wall to relax; if that child oral, nasal and pharyngeal foreign body to be cleaned; and then press down his forehead with one hand, another hand to lift the chin to open the airway, followed by artificial breathing. Two, after the upward flow nosebleed hemostasis right approach: normal head erect or slightly forward most people are after the upward nosebleeds or cotton, paper towel blocked nose, do it on the surface to stop the bleeding, actually still bleeding after nasal cavity, head posture may also make the nosebleed flow into the throat, trachea, blockage of glottis epiglottis caused by choking or suffocation. The correct approach is normal head erect or slightly forward, in order to facilitate the nosebleed drainage, with a cold towel on the forehead, nose, neck vascular contraction, reduced blood flow, while pressing with a finger bleeding side front nostril, if does not stop the bleeding after 5-10 minutes to immediately seek medical treatment to death. Three, burn after coated with toothpaste, such as soy sauce the right approach: use cold water clean, apply burn ointment smearing toothpaste, such as soy sauce not only may cause wound infection, aggravating illness, these things covered the wound is not conducive to the observation of the change of the wound. The correct approach is to immediately wash the affected area with plenty of cold water cooling, and then use the burn ointment daub, serious injury when using a clean towel, gauze cover affected area immediately seek medical treatment. Four, fishbone stuck in the throat, drink vinegar, swallow a meal with chopsticks, the correct approach: tweezers clip swallow the food the method may make the fishbone deeper, scratch the esophagus, and vinegar acidity is not enough to melt the bones, so don’t use what. The correct approach is the child stuck fishbone flashlight after oral, see if you can see bones, can see it with chopsticks and tweezers clip out, couldn’t see the doctor should immediately seek medical treatment, please Department of Stomatology treatment. Pictures from the network to provide quality medical doctors Dudu online health services for the incubation period of family, pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum open equipment,.相关的主题文章: