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At & T plans to provide wireless broadband service Re code Chinese station reported in September 21st in the world using the power line network in rural areas, less populated areas, the Internet is still a big problem, because the construction in the area of broadband network cost is huge, but the rewards are very limited. According to foreign media news, the U.S. telecom giant at & T, has recently developed a new technology, will be able to use the existing power line network infrastructure, to provide the equivalent of fiber broadband wireless Internet service. U.S. science and technology news website Recode and other media have reported the news. At & T hopes to use the power line network throughout the country and the poles, the construction of a broadband network, which can greatly reduce the cost of broadband network construction. This project is called "AirGig plan" (meaning "air Gigabit"), at & T will integrate wireless communication and power line related technologies, to provide broadband services, more stable and rapid economic to people. At present, this technology is still in the development of laboratory testing stage, at & T plans to test outdoor scene in the mid of year 2017. At & T has not announced the future will deploy the broadband technology in what areas of the United States, but according to media analysis, this technology is more suitable for rural and suburban areas. At & T how to use the existing power line network, as a broadband access network? The company did not disclose the detailed technical details, but said, the poles in the power line network, at & T will install a wireless communication device, and communication signal will be passed by the wireless communication device on the wire transmission. However, in terms of how to use the network signal transmission line, the current understanding and reports of foreign media is not consistent. At & T chief technology officer Andre Fuetsch said: "at this stage, I cannot disclose too many details." But he explained that the Internet technology, the use of the United States between the wires of the middle voltage wire. He also explained that at & T technology is very advanced, the signal transmission is not used to the power line in the energy, but this is a very efficient means of transport. After solving the problem of signal transmission, at & T is expected to be able to use wire rod device provides wireless broadband Internet service to nearby residents. According to Recode reports, at & T has been testing technology related in their own facilities, in addition to wireless communication antenna equipment and the corresponding development. Of course, in addition to prove that this technology is practical, at & T in the actual deployment before the need and the power company reached an agreement. At & T executives said, using this technology, the power company is able to achieve more intelligent management of power line network, can use wireless communication technology to detect wire fault, and timely alarm. At & T said, in addition to the United States, there may not provide services in other countries provided by at & T, the power line service. (compile dawn) America disclosure AT [Chinese rights of American Recode works by Tencent Inc owned exclusively. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: