An interview with Mata after the final 30 days to prepare for the mentality of unexploded hard S6 steam_api.dll

An interview with Mata: after the final 30 days to prepare for the mentality of unexploded hard S6 in August 26th, originally all that summer finals will be the real battle of king mountain, the result was surprising, RNG was the strength of the EDG seal zero out, only to the two seeded team qualify for the S6. After a lapse of two days, the reporter interviewed Mata, asked the team to him. The final loss is because basic skills is not solid enough EDG  3:0 RNG, not only that we did not expect, RNG is unexpected. After the end of the day the players look like a bad mood. Mata said that the current team atmosphere has not been much affected, and the reasons for the failure of the game were summarized. Q: you are the game player and EDG showdown are looking forward to, but the race is one-sided, do you think what’s the problem? Mata: we have some problems with our basic skills, and we don’t have a good deal. Q: you got a dragon have a chance to win, but in the end still can’t comeback. Mata: it’s because we didn’t fight well. Q:0:3’s score is awkward. What do you think of the score? Mata: never thought about 0:3. But after the first, second, the feeling is very normal to lose. Q: are you out of the finals now? Mata: not so serious, we can maintain the mentality, the team’s atmosphere is also good. Although the final defeat we are very sorry, but through the final lesson, we can also adjust their own state, do more changes and efforts to play after the game. Q: after the group’s visit, the tigers were depressed, said in the world championships playing anyone but his condition? Mata: Tiger mood is very good. He has come to realize that he is not playing well and there are deficiencies, if we work together, it is better to play better. UZI played very well, but he can play better from the spring to the summer games, RNG in the introduction of a strong AD UZI at the same time, there have been more or less problems. Mata that team performance is not stable, the cause of the problem is the basic skills. Although Mata believes that UZI in the summer season, the performance is very good, but he also knows that UZI can do better than now. Q: now the version change is quite large, how do you see the impact of the version of the game? Mata: version does not change much, but by the current version can not change the line, then will pay attention to the debut of the new hero, as well as other heroes of the new changes. And I think the final defeat is not a version of the problem, is our own mistakes, did not play well. Q: when the match in the spring, you are a very tough team, the wind often can also stick to their Bureau advantage period. But in summer you Bureau as spring wind, do you think where there is a problem? Mata: or because our basic skills are not good. When the spring season we sometimes disadvantage, but still can stick to the 55 comeback. Now is not good early, the disadvantage is relatively large, so very相关的主题文章: