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Health Are you .pletely unaware of the herbal tea ? Herbal tea, ptisan, or tisane (Scientific names) is .pletely herbal infusion that is made from the dried fruits, herbs or flowers, which is recognized as Camellia sinensis. When you just pour herbs into the boiling water, the resultant will be herbal tea Usually, it is made with seeds, roots, leaves, dried flowers, by pouring them into boiling water bowl and let it steep for a few minutes. This tea is known for its medical benefits and effects such as sedative, relaxant and stimulant properties. If you are thinking to make a cup of this tea in your home then you just have to locate some healthy herbs and there you go. Herbal tea is the best hot beverage for its lack of caffeine, medical properties, and natural taste. Mostly, it is made up of dried herbs but if you have flower garden or herb garden in your home then you can make a healthy cup of this tea. Instructions to Make Homemade Herbal Tea . Start from picking herbs (dried flowers, roots or leaves) from the garden or purchase from the market depending on the availability. A small amount of dandelion or mint leaves aid to the digestion system and chamomile is best for its calming effects. Adding rose petals and lilac could make your tea aromatic. So, .pile all the available herbs and you are ready to make tea. . Wash the herbs properly before using them. Now, place them into a tea pot approximately half to full cup amount. You can use single herb or mixture of herbs to prepare this tea. . Pour boiling water into the tea pot imbibe with herbs. Let the mixture steer or step for 5-10 minutes before serving. . Finally, dry the remaining petals or leaves by laying them between two layers of towel or paper. Now you are ready with your homemade herbal tea . You will get several natural benefits by incorporating this tea in your routine diet chart. Its medical benefits are from cold flu to heart problem prevention. By consuming this tea, one can aid with stomach and digestive problems and promote energy and wellness as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: