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Mobil-.puting Connecting two monitors to a .puter has always been associated with the aspect of cloning the image in dual monitors however the technology benefits has offered us even the opportunity to broaden and use the image across other monitor to enjoy its benefits. Connecting two monitors have contributed in great ease to designers and other innovative professionals. However the extra space of display it has brought to home consumers can also not be overlooked. By following the steps below the entire process of connecting tow monitors to a .puter can be achieved in just few clicks. Video card and its .patibility Video card or the graphics card has a significant role to play in the connection of dual monitors to a .puter. Video cards .patibility for dual connection is a must. The first step towards checking the .patibility of the video card will be reading through the configuration of the system from its manual or logging on to the website of the manufacturer. One could also go for opening the latch of the system and taking of the video card and check on the ports it has to offer. If the video card supports two ports only then connection to two monitor is potential. Affording a new card will be another choice however the .patibility of the video card must be checked form the manufactures website. Establish the physical connectivity After ensuring that the graphics card mounted on your .puter has two ports to offer. From the video cards VGA port or from the DVI port connect the connectors to the respective monitors. Make sure that every cable has a firm connectivity to the monitor and to the card. Install the drivers Every hardware device need driver to .municate with another piece of hardware. Similarly the new video card will seek for the video card driver to function in alliance with the .puter. Every video card .es along with driver CD. Put in the driver CD into the drive and follow the windows to install it. After the installation is .plete, restart the .puter. Subsequently when you would reboot the system, you should observe the monitors with cloned images. If you desire to have extended images on monitors, it requires the display properties being altered from the control panel window of the .puter. Things to Remember While connecting two monitors to a .puter there are various aspects to be watchful about. One of the most essential parts is to ensure a safe grounding while taking off the video card and dealing with an open latch of the .puter. There are even instances when you would not be able to locate the drivers of your new video card, in such a situation, one could log on to the manufacturers website and put in the card related information to fetch in the drivers. Using .puter repairs and maintenance services one can easily help the user to ac.plish the driver installation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: