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How to buy underwear Pavilion, three Jubilee science during the period? After the mother and daughter of Sohu pregnant mother, due to the tremendous changes have taken place on the body, before the pregnancy can not wear underwear, this time you need to choose the appropriate stage of pregnancy according to the various stages of underwear. Hormone secretion during pregnancy is the most exuberant, about two months after pregnancy, hormonal effects will promote the development of the breast, making the breast volume increases. However, the situation is not the same for each mother, and some mothers pregnant 3 months when they feel that the chest becomes larger, and some mothers will be after a period of 5 months to have a clear feeling. As long as the mother thought the original underwear tight, you should consider changing to wear new underwear, if still wearing underwear before, is likely to cause breast deformation, or because often the oppression of neck and shoulder pain, shoulder stiffness. When mothers choose underwear, need to grasp what principles? 1, the bigger bust has been pregnant, how to prepare for pregnancy bra? During the bust growing, expectant mothers during pregnancy may need to be replaced in 4 ~ 5 times underwear bra cup size, or replace the underwear according to pre pregnancy after 3 to the cup size. 2, when the original bra or underwear? When mothers feel underwear wear tight feeling, the chest has obvious indentation, the cup has been unable to fully live in the bag side breast, said the underwear is too small, the size must be replaced. Similarly, with the increase in pregnancy, the mother of the hip will become wide, when mothers feel underwear up tight feeling and uncomfortable, that is not fit to continue to wear underwear, need to choose can complete coated hip, size and style wear comfortable and breathable. Some combination of abdominal pregnancy underwear, not only can adjust the size of the elastic support abdominal, can hold firmly growing around the belly! During the three stage of the underwear, underwear skills 1 early pregnancy 1~3 months of pregnancy, called early pregnancy, when most mothers breast has started to grow, except for slight pain, sometimes feel bump. In addition, it will continue to appear under the skin of the breast varicose veins, nipple color will become deeper. This time the mother has not been a big change in the breast, so as long as wearing a slightly loose underwear, I feel comfortable on the line. 2, mid pregnancy underwear in mid pregnancy stage refers to the period of 4~7 months, the mother’s chest was significantly larger and may begin to generate in breast milk, nipple secretion of a small amount of white latex, can choose at this time to be fully covered, do not squeeze the breast nipple, and can effectively support the bottom and the side of the breast maternity bra. 3, late pregnancy selection underwear late refers to 8~10 months, in principle, no new changes in the breast, but with the increase in pregnancy, swelling is more serious. This time the mother’s breast than before a lot, so be sure to buy can be load-bearing, breathable and comfortable full bra. Taking into account the upcoming childbirth breastfeeding, direct selection of breastfeeding bra more affordable. Buy underwear during pregnancy Tips 1, we must try to buy underwear must remember first.相关的主题文章: