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Eat crayfish eat rhabdomyolysis culprit may be "wash shrimp powder" – Beijing said crayfish has become a National People’s favorite delicacy, but enjoy the delicious, there have been many problems. Recently, Banan District Tian An in eating crayfish, are feeling more muscles ache, the doctor, Mr. Tian A with rhabdomyolysis. However, the doctor said that the problem should not in the crayfish itself, probably used for cleaning crayfish and rhabdomyolysis "wash shrimp powder". Eat crayfish eat something wrong with Mr. Tian, who lives in Banan District, Long Island Bay Jin Yuan Royal House District, usually love to eat crayfish. "Originally eat crayfish snack, did not expect to eat after the whole people are uncomfortable." Mr. Tian said that he do at home on August 20th of the crayfish, friends from outside the area back, has been pumping shrimp line and cut shrimp processing first, washed very clean, but in the consumption of about 4 hours after his wife and child body discomfort. "We all feel very stuffy chest, back, legs and other parts of the body muscles ache." Mr. Tian said, feeling unwell, and his family came to the Banan district hospital near the emergency department, did not expect to be diagnosed as rhabdomyolysis. Fortunately, however, the symptoms of a family is not serious, after treatment, Tian and his family has now been restored. "There is no big deal, because it is a friend, also did not want to go on." Tian said. Shrimp powder may not get off the relationship! Banan district hospital deputy director of a physician Chen Huqiu said, Mr. Tian had a very rhabdomyolysis may be related to eating crayfish. Chen Huqiu said, rhabdomyolysis is simply dissolving muscle, mainly for sudden muscle pain, muscle weakness, urine color of soy sauce, and excessive exercise, muscle crush injury, extreme temperature, drugs may lead to muscle dissolution. "Don’t underestimate this may lead to rhabdomyolysis, renal failure, cardiac arrest and other serious, life-threatening." Chen Huqiu said, this happens in general, crayfish itself does not have what problem, the problem in some bad traders used to clean crayfish shrimp washing powder, the shrimp washing powder containing "formaldehyde sulphoxylate", which will lead to rhabdomyolysis. It is understood that the "wash shrimp powder" is commonly used in the industrial field of a rust remover "oxalate" as the main component of citric acid and sulfite, and some also contain formaldehyde sulphoxylate formaldehyde, i.e.". A small dose of formaldehyde sulphoxylate can make people produce gastrointestinal symptoms, late (after intake of 6-24 hours) can cause rhabdomyolysis, renal failure and other symptoms. Of course, do not rule out other reasons." Chen Huqiu said, because before the case is crayfish induced rhabdomyolysis, and not in the minority, has always been a mystery, there are a lot of argument that is the result of crawfish farming environment and other factors, and not entirely conclusive at present. About how to identify the shrimp washing powder washed crayfish live organ相关的主题文章: