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Apple’s conference next week, it is worth looking forward to in addition to Apple MBP will be held in the United States time on October 27th to hold a new conference, the protagonist will be Mac computers, is expected to be updated across the board products. Here, take a look at what is worth looking forward to the new Mac. Digital broadcast: Tencent will be next Friday at one o’clock in the morning for you to broadcast the apple Mac new conference, please look forward to. One bright spot: the new design of the MacBook Pro after the leak of a large amount of news shows MacBook Pro will be a major update in this year, in fact, from the beginning of 2012, MacBook Pro will never die change obviously, it will become the protagonist of the apple conference. In May this year, KGI securities Guo Mingchi has revealed changes in the new MacBook Pro is equipped with OLED touch screen, you can dynamically display the function keys, the state of the application, and the latest spy photos actually also confirmed this point. In addition, MacBook Pro also hope to use USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 interface, the latest report claimed that after the use of USB-C, and even no longer have a MagSafe power supply, as the 12 inch MacBook. As for the configuration, the new MacBook Pro may use the latest Intel core Kaby Lake processor and AMD graphics card, performance in line with its consistent mobile office, appropriate graphics positioning. The regular update of MacBook Air seems that apple still does not intend to significantly update MacBook Air, even though it is the best-selling, most affordable apple notebook. Bloomberg believes that MacBook Air will add USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 interface, but the overall design will continue in 2010 early, that is to say there will not be any change. Retinal screen? I’m sorry。 In addition, Macotakara website said Apple will cancel 11 inches of MacBook Air, which is also very logical, after all, apple is the main push of the product is 12 inches, MacBook MacBook will become an entry-level Air apple notebook. The regular update of the iMacMac computer will usually use a mold for many years, so 2012 young thin iMac will not change too much. Regular update means that the configuration upgrade, it is also possible to join the USB-C interface, the screen resolution is increased to 4K and 5K two configurations. Highlight two: 5K display in June this year, apple discontinued Thunderbolt display, the current product line in a blank state. 9to5Mac reported that Apple plans to launch a new 5K display to achieve the replacement, one feature is the display integrated graphics, display effect is more smooth, this is the new product of this conference can be expected. No Mac mini and Pro update Apple may want to further streamline the desktop product line, to identify more resources in the mobile market. Mini Mac and Pro two.相关的主题文章: