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Transcend! PHILPS TV sales of new high – tech Sohu Texun November 11th news: news! From zero today started 11.11 huge benefits to feast the first shot, in the "buy one, buy more to send much, buy big models to send small models", "eight benefits" and "explosion models seckill" etc. rich preferential measures to promote, 11.11 PHILPS TV with "flying" where strength rapidly detonated panic buying, 5 minutes, 65 inch TV sales of over 3000 units, 10 minutes, 65 inch 4K TV sales of over 5000 units, 30 minutes, 55 inch 4K TV sales of over 8000 units, sales of over 80 million Jingdong in 3 hours, 1 hours over last year, Tmall 11.11 records, 5 minutes over last year’s 11.11 record! Even record, surpass! 11.11 this year, PHILPS TV will not only create shopping Carnival from day extension to 15 days, with spokesman Lin Zhi Goddess Ling launched the "buy one get one, how much to buy, buy large-size UHD TV to send a small size TV", "fly with the sonare eight gifts" such as multiple hitherto unknown shock concessions, for the 11.11 PHILPS TV sales record even made distinctions won in battle. In addition to stimulus measures the rich huge benefits, even 11.11 sales record once again confirms the affirmation of the quality of PHILPS TV consumers. PHILPS insists to build a good hardware, good content, good brand "three TV", not only has a strong global supply chain and the innovation ability of science and technology, and several entertainment Ali, Penguin TV and micro whale cooperation to create a super TV platform and massive content service, brand development history of 125 years has also given its rich connotation of the brand. According to data released major survey data service platform AVC Orville cloud before the 2016 1-9 month PHILPS TV shipments amounted to 1 million 900 thousand units in the three quarter, the market size of the contrarian growth in foreign brands in a thriving industry to become the dark horse! [source:] [] commissioning editor: Zhang Yanping相关的主题文章: