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How to do Learning by Making, in the creation of learning? – Sohu technology in our view, "based on the creation of learning" or "learning in the creation of" (Learning by Making) is a real need for students to learn. In the process of the implementation of this mode of learning, students are no longer passive recipients of information and knowledge and consumers, but active users and creators of knowledge; teachers in the classroom will abandon the students placed in a passive position teaching method and mode of thinking, to rethink how to really respect the subjectivity and initiative of students, to develop students creativity, improving students’ ability of using the technology and method of creating products and tools to solve practical problems. However, good things will have a threshold, good learning methods are also. In order to achieve Learning by Making learning, we need to ensure that every child can learn basic to a certain extent, for STEAM education and creating the threshold in terms of education, and learning to use — including at least the basis of digital tools, electronic Bian Chengji foundation, and foundation structure. So we introduced a solution, that is, membership. In the membership system, students in accordance with the Learning by Making way of learning; in the membership system, that is, before becoming a member, need to go through a "passport class" prepared by the members of the study. Passport class lasted 3 months, a total of 12 classes (24 hours), let everyone in the understanding of the basic knowledge structure, programming, electronics, digital manufacturing, 3D printing, and decide the direction of their own learning and choosing their tutor. After the completion of the creation of passport class courses, and through the free after the creation of a passport certification exam, the small hit customers will get a College membership, and then Learning by Making way to learn. A college class passport a total of 12 times 24 hours, including: safety knowledge and tools used; increasing material manufacturing: 3D based printing; laser cutting; reduce material manufacturing: basic introductory programming + entry (Scratch+Arduino); electronic structure; digital media production. Course content: 1 laser cutting of 2 laser cutting off the record name card Nightlight 3 laser cutting of small hydraulic chairs 4 laser cutting pliers 05.3D printing pen 06.3D printing technology introduction 7 creative art yueguangbaohe (Electronic) 8 flow lights Scratch graphical programming 09.Arduino 10.Arduino lights 11 elastic trolley (structure) 12 star fashion show (Electronic) record passenger passport class is a basic course for hope, have hit off the youth literacy a customer is suitable, age recommended for 7~14 years old. Gen by Maki Learning.相关的主题文章: