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What is your last name? Surname totem, eye-opening! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand just know a person, we’ll get used to ask "your name", in fact the name started as a symbol of the family, there is a special totem Oh ~ is a sign used to distinguish between groups? Totem, a reflect the life of ethnic groups! Come and see what your name is! Surname totem produced in the primitive society, the primitive human nature that creatures can give yourself some special power, thereby establishing totem worship, so only the ancient surnames have their own totem Oh ~ how, have their own name not found? Eye-opening! Source: Road Landscape Road Song (ID:cozydream) welcomed the attention of WeChat public account book collection "(ID:huibenjingxuan), every day to push the classic picture books, picture books, animation, parenting knowledge, English videos, parenting books to wear ear such as a large number of free resources, attention after the return" Catalogue ", you can get free. Reply to "a" free access to creative art – painting with a total of 92 sets of 12DVD reply "Liao Caixing", the English free access to 100 + Video + Audio ebook reply "pink pig", free access to English ears cartoon Peppa pig wear pink pig 1-4 season 209 sets (with subtitles) + Video + game picture to " pig; webby " free access to Britain, BBC children English Enlightenment animation 52 sets to " English list " free access, "Wang Pei?" 1-6 PDF English list document + Audio reply "little Newton" for free "small Newton" children’s museum set 60 copies of supporting audio response to " ", Peter; free access to the 19 picture books +2 Peter English season 34 episode animation video + Audio reply "Thomas", "free access to care Maas and his friends "(season 1-11 English + Chinese video) reply to" manual ", free access to the famous British English Creative Arts Program [Mister Maker] full manual +35 the 3 quarter of this Kumon Book children’s hand book (PDF version)" reply card from "free access" card "by the 57 set English Video + animation audio + text subtitle reply" the 12 ", free access to Britannica Discovery Library of the British children’s Encyclopedia of cognitive English version picture book series (pdf+mp3) reply 820 ebook, free access to 82 paintings相关的主题文章: